Hillside Abode

A lovely home across from the Historic District , now available on AirBnb!

Carver House Suites

A beautifully restored home from the town's heydays, there are three suites, each on its own floor. Currently two are done, and the third will be coming soon.
Click https://airbnb.com/h/historiccarverhouse1 or airbnb.com/h/historiccarverhousemultiroomsuite2 for more information.

Rock Island House Cottages

Located on the Suwannee. Call (386-397-1311) for more information.

Dena's Place

A two bedroom house located in the Historic District, with a patio and screened porch. Click here for more images and rental information.

Mrs. Kendricks Cottage

Beautiful one bedroom house with spacious porches, with custom woodwork and handcrafted dining table. Contact Julie at 386.397.2161 or visit mrskendrickscottage.com.